I am happy to announce that I have just completed the 2nd edition of "How to Start a Lawn Painting Business", and it is now ready for download.

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The 2nd edition contains all of the information of the the 1st edition and much more.

I initially wrote the 1st edition of "How to Start a Lawn Painting Business" because I have been receiving an unmanageable number of phone calls and emails from many of you who are interested in starting your own lawn business. Quite a few of you naturally have questions concerning the use of lawn paint, how to spray lawns, how to generate business, etc. I regret that I cannot take or return every one of your calls so I have written an ebook for those of you who are interested in working for yourselves in the lawn painting business.

I did an online search to see what is available to those wanting to start their own lawn paint business, and frankly, I was disappointed at the lack of resources. To be even more frank, I was surprised by advertisers who seem to be offering a lawn painting business in a box, for lack of a better term, and at a huge upfront investment to the entrepreneur. It is not wise to put so much money out up front at the beginning of any business.

In the 2nd edition of "How to Start a Lawn Painting Business" eBook, you will learn:

  • How to formulate a business plan and how to reach your personal/professional goals;
  • How to set up your office (I have provided you with all of the forms that I created for my own grass painting business);
  • How to market your business, to include building a website, online marketing, search engine optimization, "on foot" marketing, how / where to purchase marketing materials, and who your likely customers are. (I have provided you with actual marketing materials that I have used, i.e., sample flyers - even a sample price sheet);
  • What equipment you need, where to get the equipment, and how to use the equipment;
  • How to prepare estimates, where to get your information from, and how to deal with your customers (recommendations for payments, billing, etc.);
  • Common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid;
  • List of best resources with hyperlinks included so that you can click on the resource and be immediately directed to the recommended vendor, website building company, etc.
  • And much, much more!

I know what it is like to have to spend hours and hours online and on the phone attempting to find answers to your questions concerning all things A-Z in starting your own business and getting the best deals on all of the start-up equipment you will need. More importantly, I understand and appreciate the fear that comes with putting too much money into a new business too soon, and I do not recommend it.

You can own the 2nd edition of "How to Start a Lawn Painting Business" which contains over 70 pages. Once you have the book, you will see that it is like shadowing me on all aspects of the business - the value of which is far greater than the cost.

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On that note, I want to congratulate you for even considering starting your own business, and I wish you much success in your new endeavor. I also wish to extend to you my thanks for trusting me to guide you in that success.

before lawn painting after lawn painting
Before Lawn Painting After Lawn Painting

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