Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is grass paint dangerous or harmful to humans or animals?

A. No, grass paint is non-toxic and is completely safe for adults, children, and animals.

Q. Will painting the grass be harmful to my lawn's overall health?

A. No. Whatever condition your grass is in when the dye is applied, that is the condition that you can expect after the service. However, there is a slight exception: Grass paint can actually help prepare your lawn to become green quicker on its own in the springtime due to the fact that grass paint has a small amount of ammonia in it, forcing your grass to turn to nitrogen as a fertilizer.

Q. How long does grass paint last?

A. A grass painting service will leave your lawn looking great with a lush natural green for up to 12 weeks depending on foot traffic and mowing schedule.

Q. Will painting my grass save me money on my water bill?

A. By using a lawn painting service, you will not need to water your lawn as much; therefore, you can expect a reduction in your water bill.

Q. Does it matter what kind of grass I have?

A. No, grass painting will work on any type of lawn.

Q. Is grass painting a good alternative to over-seeding my lawn?

A. Yes, it is less expensive than the overall cost of over-seeding and more convenient.

Q. Will grass paint help winterize my grass?

A. Yes, green grass paint can help protect your lawn from nasty winter temperatures by providing a protective barrier.

Q. Does the paint offer any fertilizing benefits?

A. No, grass paint is simply a permanent dye, a paint that will color your lawn green and will last up to 12 weeks or until you mow it.

Q. Does lawn paint work on a dirt yard?

A. Unfortunately, no. Lawn painting is designed to work on grass and will not improve the appearance of a bare dirt yard.

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