Why Should A REALTOR Recommend Lawn Paint to a Seller?

  • Get Ahead Of Your Competition At this time in the real estate market, there is often more than one listing in each neighborhood. Many other properties for sale in the same neighborhood means more competition. A green, attractive lawn will draw interest from potential buyers and quickly increases the possibility of replacing the "For Sale" sign with an "Under Contract/Sale Pending" or "Sold" sign.
  • Instantly Increase Interest In Your Listing Green lawn paint is the fastest way to improve curb appeal, is long-lasting, and quickly resolves the issue of water restrictions. Improved curb appeal = increased interest in the property.
  • Protect The Value Of Your Listing In this real estate market, there is an increased inventory of foreclosed and vacant properties. A brown lawn and a REALTOR "For Sale" sign is a welcome mat to would-be vandals that the property is vacant, whereas a green lawn changes that appearance improving the security of the property and the neighborhood. It is tough enough to sell a property right now in such a competitive market without taking the chance of your listing being vandalized and therefore losing value and your ability to show the property.
  • Bring Value To Your Relationship With The Seller By recommending a service or any other improvement to your sellers, it shows an interest in your customers and increases the value of your relationship with them. By recommending a quick and inexpensive way to draw interest to a home that someone wants to or needs to sell quickly in this competitive market reflects your commitment as a REALTOR to your sellers to get their homes sold, just as you promised when you took the listing.
before lawn painting after lawn painting
Before Lawn Painting After Lawn Painting

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