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before lawn painting after lawn painting
Before Lawn Painting After Lawn Painting

Who Needs A Grass Painting Service?

  • Homeowners and business owners interested in keeping their lawns green who are looking for an alternative to over-seeding and excessive watering.
  • Realtors and home sellers who wish to improve their property's curb appeal. In such an extremely competitive real estate market, the appearance of the yard is the "first impression".
  • Condo and apartment complexes interested in keeping their lawns green while reducing costs and labor.
  • Local governments wanting cost effective options for beautifying their greenspaces and parks.
  • Anyone residing in communities where water restrictions are observed and enforced. This poor gentleman could have used a grass painting service.

How Does Lawn Painting Work?

  • A grass painting technician applies a coat of safe green dye to your lawn and within an hour, your grass is dry, and your property is ready to be envied and enjoyed.
  • The paint/dye is harmless to lawns, pets, and people and will not wash off.
  • One application lasts up to 90 days or until mowed.

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